We enjoy what we do and value a strong working environment.

At Rybka, we have been bringing buildings to life since the 1930s by creating mechanical and electrical engineering design solutions for a wide range of sectors across the built environment. In recent years, we’ve driven sustainability to the core of all of our projects and have built up a strong track record in delivering environmentally friendly and cost-effective engineering solutions.

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Vision & Values


Empower, encourage and support our staff in career development


Listen to, understand and focus on client needs and expectations


Prioritise sustainability and efficiency in our engineering design solutions


Produce flexible, effective and tailored design solutions


Offer a dedicated, hands-on and engaged design service


Be proactive and adaptive to industry changes

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Our Approach

We use our experience and technical expertise to deliver tailored and efficient building engineering solutions that result in long-lasting, healthy and comfortable environments. We pride ourselves on our focus on employee satisfaction as we know that by supporting our ambitious staff in both personal and career development, we can be confident that we can provide you with the right team for your project.

Find out what Rybka can do for you.

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