We have a strong track record of delivering projects in the UK since 1969, but we don't rest on our laurels.

Over the years, we have evolved, adapted and grown our successful engineering consultancy firm. We continue to deliver a legacy of long-lasting, efficient, low carbon projects across the UK that are healthy and comfortable for the end-users. Follow the story of our success below.

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Rybka Smith Ginsler established in Toronto, Canada by Dr Karl Rybka.


RSG expands overseas and opens an office in London. Tim Battle joins and company trades under Rybka Smith Ginsler and Battle, later changed to Rybka Battle.

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Rybka Battle comes to Scotland, first office opening in Edinburgh followed by Glasgow and Inverness.


The company rebrands as ‘Rybka’ and becomes a Scottish-based company with the buyout of Toronto and London.


The sustainability department ‘Rybka-s’ is established and the company officially become Low Carbon Consultants. Rybka delivers projects across the UK and Ireland with a total construction value in excess of £300M


Rybka weather the financial downturn and maintain market presence


Rybka deliver BIM Level 1 and Level 2 projects on Private and Public Sector commissions


Rybka deliver projects across the UK including key projects – East Lothian Community Hospital, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Edinburgh Airport Terminal Expansion and Village Hotels.

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