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May 2024

This week, Joseph, one of our Graduate Mechanical Engineers, and Molly, our Graduate Marketing Officer, attended the All-Energy event at the SEC in Glasgow. The event had an array of exhibition stands showcasing innovative technologies and a wide range of scheduled sessions and talks, focusing on decarbonisation, net-zero targets and legislation, and the renewable energy technologies that will help achieve this.

They engaged in conversations about carbon capture and it’s potential future viability, and the comparison between hydrogen and electrification, discussing the value of each within different contexts and industries.

Joe and Molly also attended a session about Heat Networks called “A Heat Networks Vision for Scotland: Boldly Going Where No-One Has Gone Before.” This was an interesting session that discussed the policies, government plans and countries that are leading by example around the topic of Heat Networks.

Joe also attended a session called “The only road to Net Zero: Unpacking the Imperative for – and the opportunity of circularity in Scotland’s Energy Sector” which was focused on circularity, sustainability and remanufacturing. This talk was extremely useful in understanding the challenges the industry faces whilst fighting to reach net zero targets and where we can further improve in the energy decarbonisation.

The event provided a way of networking and learning more about the efforts being made to help create a greener and more sustainable future.